Remote Control


Bi-directional, compact remote control with advanced functions for security purposes.


The Caught On Camera Key Fob is an optional accessory to arm and disarm your home security system with a single touch. In an emergency, it can also send a panic alarm and activate your siren.

If the key fob is ever lost or stolen, you can easily deactivate it via the Caught On Camera mobile app. For security reasons, all key fobs will ship to your home deactivated.

How to Activate the Key Fob

  • On the key fob, remove the back cover by turning the slot to align the two bumps.
  • Have the battery ready to insert (the + side facing out) but don’t insert it yet.

In your Phone

  • In your phone app, go to Devices and click Add New Device.
  • Select Add Remote Control from the dropdown list.
  • The Wizard asks you to assign a user to the device.
  • The Wizard starts a timer countdown – Don’t Panic! – you have 3 minutes to insert the battery. If you run the clock out, just make your selection again.


  • Add the battery and replace the cover. You’ll see the countdown stop while the Hub talks with the Remote.
  • Click Finish when the Confirmation window appears.

Things to Look For

  • When the battery is correctly inserted, you’ll see all the front panel LEDs flash. The 3V CR2450 lithium battery should last at least 2 years – replace it when the Status light blinks after pressing a key.
  • You’ll know the Hub and the Remote are in 2-way communication when you press the Status key and the correct status lights up. Press a different key to change status.
  • Press the two bottom keys to send an alarm and activate your siren. This is your personal Panic Button.
  • TIP: Use both fingers to press the keys. Pressing both keys with one finger may not activate the Panic Button. This is designed to be hard to do by accident.

Things to Consider

  • If your security system has more than one user, you can assign a specific user with pre-determined access rights to the Key Fob. You may choose to create a user with certain criteria to fit your specific needs.
  • As with any device, you can also apply specific Rules to the Key Fob to limit its operation.
  • The Key Fob is a compliment to your smartphone, making control easy even when your arms are full of groceries. But remember, anyone can use it if it gets lost or stolen.

Remember, if the Key Fob gets lost or stolen, immediately select it in the Devices panel of your phone app and choose the option to deactivate it.