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Compare SimpliSafe to
Caught On Camera
Home Security

Both SimpliSafe and Caught On Camera are great home security systems. Both are easy-to-install wireless security systems. Whichever you choose, you’ll sleep easier at night knowing your home is protected.

How do these home security systems compare?

Caught On Camera Compare Features SimpliSafe
$317 Equipment Cost
(No Contract)
$68 Equipment Cost
(Annual Plan)
Not Available
Home Automation
Z-Wave Integration
Works with Nest
Door/Window Sensors
Motion Detectors
$129 Indoor Camera $99
Mobile App

Equipment Cost

SimpliSafe sells their equipment in packages that range from a $230 Starter Package up to their $540 Ultimate Package. On average, SimpliSafe’s packages cost about 15% less than comparable equipment from Caught On Camera. All SimpliSafe packages are offered without a contract, which means you pay month-to-month.

Caught On Camera offers a substantial discount if you sign up for a 1-year contact. With their annual plan, you’ll get a free Starter Kit, which is a $249 value. That option can make Caught On Camera dramatically cheaper than SimpliSafe.

For example, SimpliSafe’s Economy Package costs $260. A comparable Caught On Camera system costs $68 when purchased with a 1-year contract.

Home Automation

Caught On Camera works with Nest. It also supports Z-Wave, which allows it to work with products like the August doorbell, Yale door locks and a range of other products. You can even integrate Caught On Camera with your Amazon Echo and work your system by voice command.

That means Caught On Camera can be the centerpiece of a full-featured home security and home automation suite.


Both companies have a mobile phone app that lets you check your system from anywhere with an Internet connection. But Caught On Camera is completely mobile, doing away with the old-fashioned control panel that many users find awkward. Instead, our system is powered entirely from your smartphone.


For basic home security, the two companies offer similar systems. Both are wireless systems with a backup battery and cellular SIM card that communicates even if your phone and power lines don’t work.

But Caught On Camera has more advanced features, like home automation and full mobile app integration.


Both Caught On Camera and SimpliSafe have great reputations and offer superior customer service.

Which Should You Choose?

You’ll get great a home security system from either company. But if you think you’ll want to expand your system by adding other home security and home automation products, choose Caught On Camera.

If having a no-contract option is your main criteria, choose SimpliSafe because of its lower no-contract cost. If don’t mind a 1-year contract, Caught On Camera is much more affordable system.